Rejuvenate Your Lawn and Prepare for Winter

Summer brings a host of challenges to your lawn. Hot and humid summers like we’ve had are a breeding ground for fungi like ascochyta leaf blight and dollar spot, and weeds take terrible advantage of this season to try and take control of your lawn. Fall almost seems to fly by, sometimes– but in fact, autumn is a great time to help your lawn bounce back from the summer before winter hits. Quality Care is here to help, with our Fall Tune-Up!

Like putting on snow tires or cleaning your chimney, there are great ways to prepare for winter on your lawn, too! Our three-faceted package is great for your grass plants, good for the environment, and you’ll see an effect not only in this fall, but next spring!

How Does It Work?

Aeration, a practice we always recommend highly, loosens compacted soil and breaks the thatch layer in a healthy way, allowing your healthy grass to breathe and take in moisture. The soil conditioner adds valuable organic matter with essential minerals to your soil, and the winterizing fertilizer encourages root growth, locking in those vital nutrients for a great bounce-back in the spring. The result is a thick, healthy lawn with a strong root system that is more disease-resistant and durable. Help your lawn recover from summer stress and prepare for dormancy this fall and enjoy the benefits of a healthy lawn earlier next spring!

Three Services, One Spectacular Effect!

  1. Aeration: Aeration will reinvigorate your lawn by allowing nutrients, water, and oxygen to reach the root zone quickly. It will encourage new growth and strong root development by loosening the soil, reducing thatch build up and “pruning” the grass roots.
  2. Soil Conditioner: Soil Conditioner adds valuable organic material, trace minerals, and natural microorganisms to the root zone that will improve the durability of your grass this fall and promote a faster green up in the Spring! This organic product contains humic acids similar to those that are used on professional athletic turf and works by allowing the soil to retain moisture longer and encouraging grass roots to metabolize nutrients faster.
  3. Late Fall Winterizing Fertilizer: When the grass blades start to go dormant as winter approaches, turf allocates more energy and nutrients into root development. A Late Fall Winterizing Fertilizer will supply your turf with the necessary nutrients to build a vigorous root system with a more durable and disease resistant turf grass for the next growing season!
    “This may be the most important fertilizer you apply to your lawn” – David Robson, University of Illinois Extension horticulture educator

Get the Jump on Winter… We Can Help!

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[Revised – original post 8/5/15]