The light snow cover can make it difficult to gather leaves for your municipality’s pickup date. We want to remind you that our final opportunity for this service is just around the corner!

Iowa City

From City of Iowa City Public Works:

Route #1 was completed at 10 a.m. today, Tuesday, Nov. 18, and leaf crews have moved into route #2. It is anticipated that crews will remain in route #2 for the remainder of the day. Visit for more information or to view a route map.

North Liberty:

There is one more round of leaf pick ups scheduled in North Liberty for next week, November 24th.

Cedar Rapids:

In Cedar Rapids, one final leaf pickup round will be starting next week, November 24th. Cedar Rapids crews are back on schedule, which can be found online at –


If your city doesn’t offer a leaf pickup program, or you miss the final pickup, we also offer a leaf vacuum service to residents in the South Corridor region. Let us know if you need any help removing your leaves this Fall!