Last Winter, many Iowa lawns experienced desiccation, or dehydration, from extended periods of exposure to high winds and subfreezing temperatures. Aside from golf courses and athletic fields, many desirable turf areas in Iowa don’t get any extra protection, like sand top dressing, before the cold winter weather arrives. In fact, some applications of sand top dressing have shown to slow the Spring green-up process. Desiccation is only one of many potential Winter lawn problems unique to The North Central United States. To learn more about desiccation, and a variety of other cold weather-related challenges for your lawn, take a look at this article published by Professors Zac Reicher and Roch Gaussoin at The University of Nebraska – Lincoln.

Turf exposed to a specific temperature range under the dark cover of snow is susceptible to Snow Mold



Understanding winter-kill of cool-season turf-grasses