Soil Quality Restoration

We are proud to offer Soil Quality Restoration (SQR), one of the highest recommended solutions for soil erosion and storm water runoff mitigation — a completely organic process that enriches the soil and reintroduces vital organic matter and micro-organisms to your soil.

  • Core Aeration: Aeration helps to improve soil quality by helping recycle organic matter into your soil, loosening the soil to give grassroots space to grow and breaking the thatch layer to allow moisture and nutrients to reach the root zone. For Soil Quality Restoration we use a deep tine aerator designed for athletic field maintenance and high quality residential lawn restorations.
  • Compost and Seeding: Soils rich in organic matter support an entire ecosystem of microorganisms that contribute to the soil health by breaking down nutrients for the root zone. After your lawn has been aerated, we add a topdressing of organic compost mixed with high-quality grass seed. Seeding thickens your turf, leaving less space for weeds to push through, and renews the grass plants.