The Emerald Ash Borer has arrived and municipalities are formulating their action plans.


Some Cities, like Coralville, have a large number of Ash comprising their urban streetside tree canopy, while other communities have a larger issue in their parks. Whatever the case is, it’s hard to plan for this type of infestation when developing the streetscape of a community, let-alone what to do when this type of outbreak strikes.  There are a number of different directions that each municipality is considering, including saving or extending the life of, or removal of, the tree. See the approach that the City of Cedar Rapids is taking HERE.

It is sad to think about the number of trees that will potentially be wiped out by this invasive insect.  The EAB has been identified in 19 Iowa Counties, and it won’t stop there.  It is believed that almost all counties in Iowa are currently affected, or will be in the very near future.

This begs the question, what should be done?  There are a number of options.  They range from treating trees with a preventive insecticide, to removal of the trees that are in decline before they become a safety hazard.  The decision about what to do depends on many factors.  How big is the tree, where is it located, how healthy (or unhealthy) the tree is … etc.  Bottom line, you will need to check with a professional.  The recommendation may vary depending on these factors.  Your local professionals at Quality Care, the Nature Care Company in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City are happy to help!

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