For as long as we’ve existed, we’ve been trying to tell everyone about the benefits of winter pruning, and we’re not going to stop now! That’s because wintertime is the best time to do many types of pruning.

The time between November and March gives us an opportunity to prepare our trees for healthy lifetimes through selective pruning. After autumn’s leaves have fallen, we can examine your trees for damaged or diseased areas that may be vulnerable to bad weather in the future. Young trees can be pruned for shape and strong framework, as they will mature with the structure we help them to develop when they are young.

And don’t forget, Iowa’s state trees, the beautiful, majestic oaks, very much appreciate being pruned during winter dormancy, as they’re less susceptible to disease at this time. Shrubs can be pruned in the winter also, except for flowering shrubs that should be pruned after they have bloomed in the spring or summer.

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